Posted Sunday 6 March
We're Sorry!

Image by Luke Jason Carter

Hello folks, Hope you’re well.

I’m going to try and strangle my verbosity and write this as succinctly as possible:
You may have noticed that the NinetyTwo crew have been rather quiet over the last little while.
Growing up is an odd thing, we’ve all come to develop new tastes and have new experiences,
see things through new eyes and hear things through fresh ears. There’s so much we all want to document for
you good people who have read our garbage issue to issue and combing it all down to a readable size is a
challenge inestimable at the outset, like a mountain that looks no bigger than your thumb from far away.
There is a strange new issue coming out soon that will be partly traditional, partly not. If we consulted a
shrink they might say we were having an identity crisis of sorts, like the mag is an unbroken horse we’re
trying to reign in that refuses to succumb to order and discipline in favour of wildness and anarchy.
I completely failed at the strangling of the verbosity thing.

Sorry. Anyway, please bear with us.
New issue soon.

Posted Monday 20 December in community
No Years!

Got nothing planned for this new years eve? Well we've found an event that will blow your mind!
No Years at the Brisbane Powerhouse this year is being support by a number of great local acts such as
The John Steel Singers, Johnathan Boulet, Little Scout, Bleeding Knees Club,
Vasy Mollo and a number of other fantastic bands like the Shout Out Louds!

This is surely not a night to be missed, so head to the Powerhouse website to grab your tickets for only $85!

Posted Tuesday 14 December in fashion
Bec & Bridge

Bec & Bridge are now online on one of Australia's fastest growing online boutique's Beggining Boutique!
Check out some of these great garments at

Posted Tuesday 14 December in community

Yep, it's time to get THREADED once again.
Be prepared for a fun night full of fashion, music and a whole bunch of creatives.
With the Universal Store being featured for this event to showcase their "All I Wan't" campaign
for female and male garments, it's surely a night not to be missed! Tickets are $15 on the door... See you there!

Posted Wednesday 8 December in fashion
Twin Cat Vintage

Twin Cat Vintage a melbourne based online boutique, owned by the one and only Sam Sidney - cannot possibly just an
ordinary online boutique. We've seen a little bit of class when it comes to the beautiful fabrics that roam Sam's website,
and you don't have to shop vintage - there's even a section for new items!

'Inspired by yesteryear's icons, our mother's wardrobes, the catwalks and the stylish fashion blogging set, we have a
tightly edited collection of vintage clothing and accessories that we know you are going to love!

So if you're in the mood for vintage, class and perhaps a few new itmes of clothing Twin Cat Vintage is not to be missed!
And don't worry boys - there's a section for you too. Check out Tom Cat Vintage while you're at it!
Head to their website

Twin Cat Vintage is also currently doing a $50 voucher GIVEAWAY for their online store!
Jump onto their facebook page and tag yourself in the giveaway photo to WIN

Posted Tuesday 7 December in art
Tabitha Emma

After pouring over the internet for hours and hours today , I delightfully stumbled across local Sydney designer and illustrator Tabitha Emma. With her unique affection towards those furry creatures (plus those slender feminine beauties) we
secretly all adore and the great amount of skill Tabitha maintains, it's really quite obvious her
design work is not to be missed. To discover more of her work, head to her website

Posted Sunday 5 December in fashion
Deer Dana

Now you may have noticed these sweet tee's floating around Claire Incorruptible's new website, and there's absolutely no doubt these t-shirts are possibly the coolest things on earth however you may not know the brand behind the art, Deer Dana. These sketchy faces are suitable for any time of the and they are perfectly unisex! Grab the face of fashion icon Grace Coddington from now!

Posted Wednesday 24 November in art
Emma Leonard

For all you Melbournites (Don't laugh, I'm from Brisbane....) out there, surely you would have seen
or heard about the delicatley intricate watercolour illustration created by no other than Emma Leonard.
You may also remember her profile from the Sydney Finders Keepers markets!

We had a short interview on her practise and what she's all about.

How did your artistic career begin?
I have always been drawing for as long as I can remember but decided to really commit to it
about twelve months ago when I quit my full time job and returned to study for my diploma in illustration
and everything has really steamrolled from there!

Who or What have been your biggest influences?
I have so many influences and they often change from day to day!
But some of my very favorite illustrators are French graffiti artist, Miss Van, German
illustrator, Tina Berning, and American painter Audrey Kawasaki.
Even though their work is quite different from mine, when i'm stuck I can
always turn to their work for inspiration.

Name your favourite mediums.
I definitely lean towards more transparent media, like watercolour, gouache and pencils.
I love the fluidity and pliability of watercolours but at the moment I am
learning to use oils and acrylics and whilst they make me want to tear my hair out in frustration right now,
hopefully I will be as comfortable with them in time too. 

What have you been exhibiting in lately?
You can see some of my work in the upcoming 'On The Wall' exhibition,
a collaboration with Leeloo and The Finders Keepers at the next Sydney event at
Carriageworks  on the 3rd & 4th of December. 

Do you have any strange habits when creating your work?
Plates. I never use proper palettes, just old dinner plates and I end up with piles and piles of
them because I never want to wash away the colours I have mixed just in
case I can't replicate them...

The strangest thing ever - I have exactly the same habit!
To read Emma's blog head to

Posted Wednesday 24 November in community
Bondi Short Film Festival

If you're in Bondi this Saturday is it imperative that you head out to the Bondi Short Film Festival! To purchase your tickets head to or you can visit !

Posted Tuesday 16 November in music
Best Coast

Ah yes, one of the biggest upcoming bands from the lovely land of California are due to arrive again in Brisbane next March! This will be their first Australian tour, which is always more than exciting. You MUST come to this event! Head to to purchase your tickets!

Posted Tuesday 16 November in art
Penelope and Pip

"Prints, fancy fabric and other lovely things created by Rachael Smith..."
Now you may remember seeing these beautiful prints at the recent Finders Keepers markets and I honestly could not buy enough of this Brisbane based illustrrator's work! Beautiful as a print and even better as cards!
To take a peek at these beauties head to

Posted Sunday 7 November in photography
Joshua Maguire

Known for his highly edited and highly hilarious photographs, Brisbane photographer Joshua Maguire has really changed the way Ninety Two views the photographic scene in Brisbane. Maguires photos consist heavily of narrative and humour, which we found quite intriguing and a style we haven't reallt seen before locally.

You may recognise him snapping away at the recent FROCK It fashion event and you've probably seen his work from various places. We had a chat to Joshua about his photographs and his inspiring style...

Describe your photographic style
I tend to prefer looking at well lit, clean, really vibrant images, and so I always end up editing my own shots that way. In saying that, I don't really think a commercial photographer these days can just stick to one "style" or way of photographing things. Versatility is probably the best thing you can have if you want to get anywhere in this business.

How hardcore do you edit your photographs?
Well, with this series of character portraits,I think I'd probably spend about 3 hours shooting each one, and then another 20 hours photo-shoping it. Editing is a huge part of my work. 

What does photography mean to you?
(Laughs) What does it mean to me? Well, I've just finished my bachelor of photography so I intend it to be my career. So yeah, hopefully it's going to be a huge part of my life. Fingers crossed.

Who or what inspires you the most?
No single thing or person "inspires" me, really. I get idea's from all over the place, usually at times when I'm not trying to think about photography at all. For the character portraits a lot of idea's for content came from TV shows or movies, or just seeing something in real life that i thought would look cool in a photograph. For aesthetic, most of the influence I get is from advertising photography; photographers like Jim Fiscus, David Krovblit, Gary Salter.

How long have you been snapping photographs for?
I didn't really get into photography until around about grade 12.
Just mucking around with my parent's camera and once I finished high school, and didn't really have any other ideas as to what I would do at uni, so I chose photography. To me at the time, it seemed like the easiest way to be creative, even though I couldn't (still can't) draw or paint (laughs).

Tell us about anything exciting coming up that you’re involved in.
Yeah I've got a few things I wanna do, one of them is pretty exciting. All I can really say is there's a helicopter involved...

So who knows what's happening next in Joshua Maguire's live,
but we're sure to see a few more interesting photographs coming up... stay tuned!
If you'd like to view some of Joshua's work head to his online portfolio.

Posted Wednesday 3 November in art
The Lovely Lauren Carney

Local artist Lauren Carney has submerged her loveliness into our blog! We sat down
(and by sat down I mean emailed her... of course!) with Carney to discuss her little drawings and such.

Tell us a bit about Lauren Carney and her whimsical illustrations.
I try to make sure that each illustration tells some sort of story, or show that there is some sort of emotional bond between characters, and that their feelings can intertwine and connect with the viewer. Romanticism plays a large underlying theme and I think that is portrayed by the fanciful folk within each illustration. My artwork touches on a variety of mediums, mostly combining traditional with digital mediums. The line work is messy but intricately detailed, the colours are bright, and the subject matter is a quirky!

Who do you draw your inspiration from?
Hah, I have a new inspiration flavor each week! For the past month it has been watching Coraline twice a day and listening to the rain. Shh. Don’t tell anyone though! Generally, I have a routine of mulling through the morning after blogging and sipping tea. It’s most enjoyable. I check up on my favorite arty blogs and sometimes flick through my token Wooden Toy Mag!

Favourite media?
Totally my a3 moleskin, and 0.005 Artliner pen!  The paper is so smooth and the pen is so fine - so it just goes hand in hand! BUT after doing little watercolor pieces for my recent group exhibition, I would say textured recycled paper with little gritty bits and acrylics are my new fad medium!

Any tips on being an upcoming artist in Brisbane?
Don’t be shy! You have to take a deep breath and get your stuff out there in person! I started out at markets, and trying to showcase lots of things online! I was so painfully timid when people would examine my work face to face, it’s really confronting at times, but you start to become comfortable with the process, and others can appreciate your craftsmanship when they can see and touch it for themselves. I emailed lots of places, asking if they needed any work, or just showing my art in general – I got so many knockbacks, and know that I still will, but its all a part of promoting yourself. You just can’t take it to heart, and keep moving forward!

How was your recent exhibition?
Oh my, it was so dashing! The night was a great success!
I met lots of lovely art connoisseurs and fanciful folk plus had the support of friends and family around me. It was really humbling to have complete strangers approach me and tell me that my artwork meant something to them. All twelve A5 portraits sold within an hour and a bit. It was really unexpected! But It’s definitely something fun that I’ll be investing in again soon!

To get a hold of her magnificent work you can catch Lauren Carney at the Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets this Saturday and Sunday at The Old Museum or online!

Posted Tuesday 2 November in photography
Geoff Francis

Stumbling across miscellaneous artists is certainely something we do quite often lately! And thankfully they are always more wonderful as the next, like photographer Geoff Francis a local Brisbane photographer who specialises in fashion, bridal and beauty portraits...
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Posted Tuesday 26 October in fashion
Black Milk Clothing

Summer's coming up, so you're going to need a cute swimsuit right? Luckily designer James Lillis owner of Black Milk Clothing has exactly what you need for that fast approaching Queensland summer! We've also found this uber cool Pulp Fiction vs. Seasame St swimsuit which is undoubtely the coolest swimsuit ever!...
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Posted Monday 18 October in music
Laneway Festival

Now it's pretty obvious we're all super excited of next year's St. Jerome's Laneway Festival. Of course last year we had a slight mis-hap with the ticketing to attend the festival, however this year we intend to change that! We are ridculously excited to say the least and I'd just like to share a little something on the bands playing at this years festival.
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Posted Monday 18 October in music
Cortez & The Crow
By Erin Ryan

Are you sick and tired of the same old music scene in Brisbane? Here's something different!
Introducing Cortez and the Crow, an indie duo who cross New York style hip hop with jazz.
Sound a little crazy? The pair says that their music is taking rap back to its roots. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical sources, Cortez & the Crow aim to bring the NY-style hip hop music and experience to the Brisbane music scene...
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Posted Sunday 17 October in photography
Sheree Oliver

Sheree describes herself as being 'a photographer with a sharp eye for fashion and fine art photography' and from what we've seen of her fine art and high fashion photography she has the sharpest eye out...
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Posted Sunday 17 October in art
Anne Makes Things

Zines and sweet stationary is exactly what Anne Nicholson is all about, because (obviously) Anne makes things! We recently had a little peek at this gorgeous calendar as well as an awesome little zine!
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Posted Sunday 17 October
Cover Competition!

To enter email us at

Posted Thursday 14 October in music
Honey Month
by Jasmine Darlington-Rielly

I first discovered the honey month about 2 years ago; whilst at school with a mutual friend of theirs. At this point they had just done a complete restructuring of their sound going from a punk band, (at that time called “Choking Cats”) to what we now know as the Honey Month...
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Posted Wednesday 13 October in music
Room On Fire

THE STROKES. Over their ten years on the rock and roll scene they have become one of the most influential and revered artists of our time and today their tight, punchy sound continues to wow people worldwide. In this light, we are very excited to tell you about ROOM ON FIRE: A STROKES TRIBUTE NIGHT!
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Posted Thursday 23 September in music
Freelance Whales

Since our chat with them in Issue 4, the unstoppable Freelance Whales have continued to stir up the international music scene with their deliciously original tunes...
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Posted Monday 13 September in fashion
Vintage Chic

We honestly cannot get enough of these online vintage stores! Vintage Chic offers a selection of hand picked, one-off vintage pieces including clothing and accessories and there's certainly not enough of vintage clothing to go around...
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Posted Monday 13 September in fashion

Looking for high-end vintage fashions? Miishka has got what you need! They pride themsevles on featuring access to original designer vintage items that have to be seen rather than to be believed...
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